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6 Top Tips For Working From Home Indefinitely

The past few months have seen workplaces change dramatically – practically overnight most office/ desk based workers had to suddenly adapt to working from home 5 days a week- and it now seems this isn’t a temporary thing- for many this seems to be “for the foreseeable.”

For us Chiropractors this has meant we’ve been rather busy! Working from the kitchen table or your bed isn’t particularly the kindest to ones back/ neck!

So we’ve put together a list of simple tips to assist your body in working from home….

1) Take Regular Breaks

When in the office you’d be surprised how much you leave your desk; grabbing a drink, popping out to a cafe, popping over to ask your colleague something, taking a wander outside at lunchtime. Don’t forget also that you usually have your commute either end of the day which involves moving and walking to and from train / tube stations etc. In this new world, it’s a simple wander from bed to the kitchen/ spare room! So make sure you’re scheduling in some moving time- take yourself for a 10 minute walk at lunchtime. Stand up every hour and walk to another room in the house!

2) Get Creative

If you’re just working from a laptop as many seem to be, get creative with it. Change your workspace throughout the day- sure- start the day at the kitchen table, but spend the afternoon standing at the kitchen counter as a standing desk. Get the ironing board involved- a great way of finding the height that works for you.

3) Schedule in ‘Stretching Breaks

Once or twice a day (at least) schedule 3-5 minutes for some basic stretches (check out our YouTube channel for some great basic stretches https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqIYh2S-PNvSJcGdbhLwQg?view_as=subscriber )

4) Invest !

Ok we’re not talking stocks and shares- we’re talking a few £ for your physical health! If you’re working from a laptop, purchase a USB/Bluetooth keyboard- this will then allow you to pop your laptop on a pile of books/ magazines/ a shoe box to lift the screen to eye level , whilst still using the keyboard at arm level (take a look at this video by the British Chiropractic Association to see how you should be set up https://chiropractic-uk.co.uk/posture/#computer)

5) Get a DIY Lumbar Support

You don’t need to spend lots of money on products to support you. Your everyday bath/ hand towel can be used to create support for your lower back. Roll it up in to a sausage shape and pop in the small of your back for support, or fold up to sit on to raise your hips slightly so that they’re higher than your knees.

6) Last but not least…..book a Chiropractic check-up!

Think of all that money you’re saving on your commute and all those coffees you buy in the city- invest in your health and schedule a monthly Chiropractic adjustment!

To book a consultation with one of our chiropractors, give us a call on 07847 202 365 or book a consultation here.

If you’d like to speak to a chiropractor first before a consultation, please call 07847 202 365 also.

Stay Safe 🙂

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