What to Expect

If you are coming to us for the first time your consultation will normally last 1 hour for an initial assessment and treatment. We will chat about your symptoms, your general health, lifestyle and any previous health conditions. A physical examination to check your spine, posture and where relevant the possible source of discomfort will then be conducted.

Before commencing the first treatment we will talk through the findings, how we can help, and how you can help yourself with home care and any relevant lifestyle changes, helping you to manage or avoid pain in the future. In most cases your first treatment will take place in that initial session. If X-rays, MRIs or any other referrals are required we can discuss the next steps.

Most clients will then come for Follow Up appointments as part of their treatment plan. These generally last 15 minutes and will involve soft tissue techniques, adjustments and specific treatments as detailed in your care plan e.g. acupuncture, exercise demonstrations. Generally you can stay in your clothes for the treatments. If you do need to undress a gown and private changing room will be provided.