• I suffered with a long term sports injury to my neck and shoulder for years until I finally decided to do something about it. I saw other Chiropractors that did not manage to alleviate any of the pain or symptoms even after several treatments. Thinking all Chiropractors are the same I was sceptical at first when I saw Polly; I thought that only surgery would be able to relieve the pain. Not a miracle cure, but over a short period of time Polly worked her magic. The pain was relieved and the symptoms are barely noticeable. I cannot stress enough how serious and painful my condition was and how grateful I am to Polly for helping to avoid what could have been major surgery. I can't recommend her highly enough.
    S.F, Streatham
  • I can’t speak highly enough of Lauren, she’s treated me on multiple occasions and I feel so much better for it - the difference is incredible! I see Lauren regularly and she is so professional, intuitive and friendly - she always talks me through every step of the treatment and I felt so at ease with her. I can’t recommend enough - fantastic!
    S.S, Balham
  • I went to see Brodie, due to me having issues with my lower back for years. I had seen other chiropractors, but I loved Brodie's approach. She is very thorough and walks through everything that she is doing, so you as the patient have a better understanding of what is going on with your body. After 2 sessions I immediately felt a release of tension in my lower back and felt so much better whilst working. Thank you Brodie!
    T .W, Balham
  • So grateful for the work Lauren done on my back. Been in so much pain for years and one session has literally eased it so much.... can't wait for my next appointment.
    F.P. Balham
  • We took our baby daughter to Polly when she was just 2 weeks old!! We were really nervous because our daughter was so young but Polly was very gentle and really reassuring. We were so glad we took our daughter along and started her treatment so young because we both really noticed the improvements in the coming weeks in terms of her neck and shoulder movements. 2 years on and we are still taking our daughter for regular follow ups.
    P.R, East Molesey
  • My daughter (10yr old) had been getting back aches went to GP several times and was always told to just wait and see. I decided to try Chiropractic By Hand and saw Lauren, she was amazing my daughter absolutely loved going to her and the pain almost disappeared with just a few appointments. Thank you Lauren
    N.G, Balham
  • Lauren is fantastic, always knows where the problem lies and what treatment is appropriate to make it better. Very knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth. Highly recommend!
    S.H, Balham
  • I have known Polly for a few years and I have more recently been visiting CBH every couple of months. I used to get severe headaches and grind my teeth in my sleep, which now only happens when I’m due a visit! It’s amazing how different your body feels with some adjustments 🙂 My dad also had an emergency appointment as his back was so bad he couldn’t even walk... in a couple of sessions he was back on his feet in time for my wedding! I always recommend their services as I know how professional, knowledgeable and caring they are. Thank you!
    M.R, Balham
  • Polly was great at identifying my neck problem after suffering with severe pain on one side of my neck. After regular treatment to ease the problem, I now have a monthly session to keep me on track. I'm always amazed at how much difference it makes and how great I feel.
    A.P, Hemel Hempstead
  • Polly has been treating myself and my husband since we moved to Balham. She has also been seeing my son since he was 3 weeks old. As well as being an exceptional Chiropractor, she is very accommodating, professional and extremely friendly. Highly recommend!!
    S.F, Balham
  • Polly is amazing – caring, kind and really takes the time to listen to your issues to get a full picture. And of course gives a fabulous treatment that works. I would recommend her for babies and small kids too.
    S.P, Tooting Bec
  • I cannot recommend Polly enough! I suffered for years 'on and off' with back problems. I felt the difference after only a few treatments and I now am happy (no offense Polly) to say that I don't need to visit her anywhere near as often. Polly is approachable and very easy to talk to and she deserves the respect that she has built up over the years.
    S.R, Balham
  • Chiropractic By Hand' was my first experience of chiropractic treatment. I was amazed at the results even after one session. The chiropractors are incredibly professional and friendly so I always felt completely comfortable when having treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Chiropractic By Hand.
    E.G, Balham
  • I can't praise Polly and her team highly enough. They are very experienced, professional and friendly. I perform much better at my gymnastics class after a recent adjustment so they clearly know what they are doing!
    B.S, Blackheath
  • I suffered with chronic back pain for a number of years and was taking strong painkillers when I happened across Polly 3 years ago. Unlike all the other Chiropractors I had seen before, Polly actually took the time to diagnose my complex back problems and was very honest about time scales and treatment required. Her treatment was professional, thorough and value for money. More importantly it worked! My back is vastly improved meaning I can return to exercise and I don't take painkillers anymore. This has really made a difference to my life and I can't recommend Polly highly enough.
    N.L, Tooting
  • Polly is professional, friendly and was able to identify my posture problems quickly. Following my treatment programme all of my pain was relieved, I would not hesitate recommending Polly to family & friends.
    A.G, Greenwich
  • Before meeting Polly I had visited numerous specialists and was unable to walk unaided. No one was able to help. After 1 session with Polly I was able to get into and out of my car with no pain. I no longer need the crutches and am able to lead a normal lifestyle thanks to her help. I now see Polly once a month to ensure I keep mobile.
    A.I, Balham
  • Polly is very thorough and gives treatment tailor-made to your body's exact needs. She is the best chiropractor I have ever found, extremely focussed and personable - we are lucky to have her here at Global!
    R.B, Kingston
  • I started seeing Polly after a recommendation from a colleague. I had noticed I was slumped at my desk and my posture had gotten worse as I got into my 30s. In my first assessment, Polly quickly looked at my issues and had a great plan of action for my realignment and soft tissue work to improve posture and the way I actually walk. I had no idea this was all connected to the headaches I'd been getting too. Six months on I have Polly to thank for my improved posture at my desk and when walking around, but it's helped me at the gym too; reduced headaches; and overall feeling so much better! I've recommended Polly to colleagues who are now also feeling the benefit of Polly's hands, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone feeling 'sluggish' or slumped at their desk on a daily basis too! Thanks again Polly!
    C.G, Greenwich
  • Polly is excellent. She knows her stuff, is always happy and positive and gets results. Before seeing her I had a problem with my neck and would wake up in pain pretty much every day. Thankfully those days are long gone.
    J.C, Balham
  • I've had a few sports injuries and having been treated by Polly for a couple of months, it's made a huge difference to me. I feel a load better and working on my alignment has improved my injuries too meaning I can get back to full training. Thank you!!!
    V.R, Bromley

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