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The Infamous Chiropractic Crack: Why Does it Happen?

When I started working at CBH back in November, although I have a keen interest in complementary therapy, I didn’t really know too much about Chiropractic – the one thing I had heard about though, was the neck “crack”, and in all honesty, it did concern me a little! Talking with Polly, Lauren & Brodie in clinic about the neck crack really helped me understand exactly what it was.

What’s Crackin’?

The cracking you hear is not your bones shifting or crunching, but is caused by the formation and pop of gas bubbles. “Adjustments” (that is the technical term), work by quickly stimulating and mobilising the joints and muscles around the spine. These help to reduce pain, & increase the range of mobility and function.

Knowing the mechanics behind it all put my mind at rest, and a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet & experienced it first hand when Brodie gave me my very first Chiropractic treatment.

Biting the Bullet

I had a full & detailed consultation where we talked through any health issues, she then took photos of me from all angles to analyse my posture and pinpoint any misalignments – it turns out I am quite wonky (not the technical term, I might add!).

Next came the hands-on part of the treatment (there is no need to strip off for this!). Brodie got me to lie on my front, back and both sides and moved my limbs around to test strength and note any weaknesses. I knew the neck “crack” was coming but I also knew I was in safe hands!

The adjustments started further down my back, I didn’t bat an eyelid at those ones, then she moved up to my neck “deep breath in … and out ….” then the loudest crack of all happened! I must admit, the noise was most disconcerting – with a crack like that, you’d expect to experience pain, but you feel no pain whatsoever – which is in itself very weird!

Straight after the treatment, I felt quite light-headed and the tensions in my back felt more relaxed.

Alternative Methods

There are alternative ways to deliver an effective treatment without using the neck adjustments, and I experienced this during my second treatment last week where Brodie used gentle manual manipulation around my neck.

Another way of delivering treatment is the use of an Activator, this gun-like device delivers high velocity, quick impulses into the joints, and can be more gentle than using the hands.

I’ve found Chiropractic to be a brilliant treatment, it’s fast & very effective, and takes very little time out of your day. Our Chiropractors are highly skilled & extremely approachable and will allay any fears you may have, so do ask them anything. They look at each patient as a whole and offer an individually tailored treatment plan to each and every patient.

I for one, can’t wait for my next treatment!

– Hannah