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Tackling Anxiety during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both an exhilarating & worrying time. The notion of bringing a helpless little human into the world, who will rely on you to keep them safe and happy – can be overwhelming. Along with potential financial worries and the very fact that your life (and potentially your body) will be changed forever, plus all those aches and pains that can occur during your pregnancy journey (to name but a very few!). On the other hand, growing a mini you can be the most exciting, joyful and wonderful time you will ever experience.

We had a chat with Julie Morris our in-house, therapeutic counsellor about how these anxieties can be managed both during pregnancy, and the few weeks after the birth.

How can expectant mothers help to alleviate their anxieties prior to the birth?

Be as prepared as possible! You won’t be able to control how the birth will go, but you will be able to control what you prepare for before the birth. Here are a few ways you can prepare:

  • Get equipped whilst you have the energy to do so! Cot, changing table, nappies etc.
  • Organise childcare – it’s surprising how early you will need to enrol your baby in nursery & the waiting lists can be long! Go & visit the ones you’re interested in.
  • Stock the freezer. Batch cook as much as you can before the birth – this will not be a priority once baby is here!
  • If you’re in any pain during your pregnancy, chiropractic care may help relieve the stresses and strains on your body during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Regular meditation, yoga & breathwork can help you to relax your mind & body.

How can new parents help themselves after the birth?

Take advantage of your partner’s leave. Delegate the chores! There will be plenty of washing, tidying, cleaning and shopping to do. Also, ask them to manage visitors – you may not feel likehosting visitors one day & you should never feel guilty for telling potential guests today isn’t a good day.

Everyone seems to have their opinions on how you should be doing things when your new baby arrives. Of course, you may learn from what people are saying, but what someone else is suggesting may not be right for you and your baby. The best way to understand what works for you both is to watch them, and learn from them and eventually your own instinct will kick in, so read the books for awareness but tune in with the uniqueness of your baby and your instinct.

If you decide that breast feeding is what you want to do, but are struggling with it, do reach out for professional support. Help is very much out there for you! Your baby’s feeding needs can change on a daily basis and it can be difficult to keep on top of all the different signals from them to feed, soothe & sleep. However, tempting it is try to stay away from Dr Google, but use evidence based websites such as:

La Leche League GB – Friendly breastfeeding support from pregnancy onwards

KellyMom.com Breastfeeding and Parenting

We are starting a free Parent & Baby support group on Tuesday 7th September from 11.00am – 1.00pm. It’ll be an opportunity to talk with Julie about your worries and solutions to parenthood. You can book your space online for the 7th Sept or a Tuesday morning later in the month.

Come along with a bump or a baby (or babies!) and we very much look forward to welcoming you!