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Save your back from Coronavirus!

This recent epidemic of Coronavirus is looking to have a huge impact on our lives whether we catch it or not, with many companies being forced to ask their staff to work from home. Whilst for some this might sound like the dream- no commuting, a bit of a lie-in, getting to squirrel away in your comfy PJs, it’s likely to bring with it a new pandemic……BACK PAIN AND POOR POSTURE!

Yep- whilst it may seem nice not heading in to the office, don’t underestimate that power of a good desk set up….which most won’t have at home.

We regularly see patients who admit to working at the kitchen table on their tiny laptop, or even worse….on the sofa with said laptop living up to its name and resting on their LAP!!!

This kind of set up for any kind of prolonged period will cause poor, slumped posture, back pain and neck pain.

But there are things you can do to limit these negative effects without going out and spending thousands on fancy office furniture!

Here are our top tips for working from home:

  1. Take regular breaks from the computer – every 30 minutes ensure that you stand up for a quick stretch and a change of position.
  2.   Raise your screen- if you only have a laptop to work from, invest in a cheap bluetooth/ usb keyboard, then use a pile of magazines/ a cake tin/ some books to place your laptop on to ensure that the screen is at eye level.
  3. Use your own standing desk – for part of the day, pop your laptop on the kitchen counter or the ironing board so that you can stand and work – variation is key!
  4. Take a look at our Youtube channel and carry out the Brugger Break and Neck Stretch exercises a couple of times a day. (here’s our video- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqIYh2S-PNvSJcGdbhLwQg?view_as=subscriber

Lastly, stay well hydrated, well rested, well nourished and happy. Eliminate stress and keep your body and immune system strong and healthy to protect you from any winter virus.

If you’re experiencing any back pain, you can always come and visit us at Chiropractic By Hand for a treatment with one of our chiropractors.