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Chiropractic Advice for Christmas!


Christmas will be upon us before we can say “call the chiropractor!” and with 2020 being just about the worst year, it may well bring with it a fair amount of physical – as well as emotional – aches and pains. We’re predicting this Christmas at CBH to be one of the busiest we’ve had, so if you’d rather be avoiding us (in the nicest possible way, of course!), here are a few pointers for you ….


Back pain in December can often be stress-related. The pressure we put on ourselves to create the perfect Christmas can really take it’s toll & tensions can build, but now more than ever, we’ve realised how important it is to just “be” with our loved Try to find a way to let go of that stress & anxiety that has built up throughout the year – snuggle on the sofa with a film when you can, or pop your headphones on, wrap up warm and head out for a lovely walk while listening to an uplifting podcast. Do some restorative exercise such as yoga, practice some breathing techniques & meditation. Try and keep your nervous system calm.

2) Bend your knees!

When it comes to lifting, we’ve had those three little words drummed in to us for ever, and the lead up to Christmas is a time when they couldn’t be more relevant! Christmas time can involve lots of lifting, heavy bag carrying, decorating, rearranging furniture. Always remember to bend your knees when picking something from the floor. Carry heavy shopping bags evenly between both hands & don’t overstretch when decorating the Christmas

3) Wrap sensibly!

It may not sound like a hazardous task, but trust us, wrapping presents comes with many a risk! Before sitting down for a wrapping session, set up your work station appropriately. Wrapping at a kitchen counter or on an ironing board is your best bet – the ironing board technique means you can bring it up to the right height for you. Sitting at the kitchen table is also an option but don’t sit for too long and don’t overstretch to reach things. Sitting on the floor on Christmas Eve in a sea of wrapping is a no-no, you’ll only be regretting that move on Christmas morning!

4) Go out for a walk.

Christmas Day itself often involves plonking yourself on the sofa with some nice food and drink and not moving all day. As lovely as that is, it can be problematic to the back. If you can get up and go out for a walk. A gentle walk will help aid digestion of all that wonderful Christmas Day grub and keep your body moving so that you don’t stiffen up all day. A good game of Charades or if you’re feeling really limber – Twister is good for some activity and exercise with the family too – as are the belly laughs that are bound to come with it!

If you are concerned about any aches and pains you’d like to get sorted before the silly season kicks in, please do book in for chiropractic treatment in Balham, where one of our friendly & experienced Chiropractors will be able to help.

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