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Tips for Managing Stress

Stress and anxiety is part and parcel of everyday life, but in these unknown times, it’s likely that levels will be elevated, so it’s crucial that we find ways to manage our mental health.   You may be a new parent – which can be overwhelming in the best of times, but when you can’t see your loved ones, feelings of vulnerability, hopelessness & fear of what lies ahead may set in, which in turn can bring about other negative feelings.   Talk! Talk with your partner – tell them how you’re feeling, chances are they’ll also be feeling the same.  You WILL make mistakes as a new parent & you should allow yourself to accept that. 

Self care is crucial to our health & happiness.  When we experience stress, we trigger reactions in our bodies, for example we might experience heart palpitations or sweaty palms. These changes in the body can also affect the immune system, making us more prone to infections and viruses. How can we reduce our stress levels?   Take time out in your day to do something you get pleasure from – baking a cake, listening to music, reading a book.  Meditation can be very effective and you only need to do around 10 minutes a day, as is yoga or any kind of stretching.  There are many podcasts & Youtube videos where you can search for a few that suit you best.    Keep a gratitude journal, give yourself time each day to sit down with a coffee & write down what you are thankful for, expressing your thoughts by putting pen to paper can really help to understand your emotions. 

We are so lucky in this day and age to have such advanced technology at our fingertips, so make the most of it!  Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend via zoom or WhatsApp.   We’re not all the same, and some of us are better at listening while others are better at making us laugh, so whatever you’re feeling, choose that friend who you know fits the job!  Some people find it difficult to express their feelings to loved ones, in which case you could always turn to talking therapy with a qualified therapist.  A therapist worth their salt will always listen & be objective with no judgement.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  The days are beginning to get longer and I’m sure I spotted some daffodils in the supermarket recently which can only mean one thing – Spring is on it’s way!

If anyone would like to explore talking therapy, here is a link to our in-house Counsellor, Julie Morris :