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Post-Easter Survival Guide (Guest Blog by Lisa of Peake Condition)

Thank you to Lisa of Peake Condition for sharing her post Easter tips with us! Lisa is a Tooting based personal trainer & life coach with a long-standing love & respect for the great outdoors. She swims every day outside in Tooting’s lido, even if the ice has to be broken to get in the water. She’s passionate about encouraging others to enjoy the benefits of being active outside as much as she does. 

‘Uh-oh, that’s torn it’ you think as you stare at the crumpled foil wrapping with a sprinkling of chocolate shavings nestled in its folds, which only minutes ago was an enticing, shiny, pristine and probably bit too large Wispa Easter egg. You chose it specifically because it’s mainly air, right? So obviously not as bad as wolfing down an actual solid piece of chocolate. After all your New Year’s resolution hard work of careful dieting and exercise (well, two weeks of no alcohol and a punishing regime of one and a half park runs in January) you’ve blown it, and in one short long weekend have just consumed a family sized treat and your own body weight in chocolate bunnies. What have you done?!?!?

The answer is probably what everyone else does over Easter, no doubt followed by several lunches second only to Christmas in their extravagance, possibly with a teensy-weensy bit too much wine as it’s the longest break you’ve had in months and you definitely deserved it. But now reality hits as you struggle to do up your jeans, wonder how you could have let it go quite so much in four days and suddenly realise your beach holiday isn’t as far away as it felt like when it was snowing. ARGH.

First thing’s first: 

Don’t panic

Crucial for getting back on track for your summer goals.

Guilt is not your friend

At best it will make you feel bad, undoing all the good feelings you got from a few days off. At worst you’ll dive into the kids’ remaining eggs to make yourself feel better.

Look forward

If you start now and not a week before you get on the plane, there’s plenty of time to shape up, tone up and turn that chocolate baby belly into a distant memory.

But how? 

You’ve probably discovered by now there are no miracles when it comes to fat loss and fitness. You can make yourself miserable on weird and wonderful diets, but it’s tough and the minute you stop you’ll put it all back on. Or you can dig out the gym membership card that’s been gathering dust since February and go hard at it every day to the point your legs seize up and you can barely walk, which takes less than a week.


Take a step back, think logically. Allow yourself the enjoyment of a weekend off and come to the end of it with the decision to start eating sensibly and get more active in your daily routine from now on.

Join a class or go to the gym if you like but it’s just as easy and FREE to head out of your front door and start moving. Use the improving weather (not right now I know but it’s got to get better) as an excuse to walk some of the way to work, rediscover our beautiful parks in soon-to-be full bloom, or phone a friend to enjoy some fresh air as you find activities you can do together.

You’re more likely to stick to healthy eating if instead of denying yourself anything perceived as bad (alcohol, chocolate, cheese, sweets, crisps, biscuits etc.), give yourself permission to enjoy them every now and then rather than daily. Make your own lunches and snacks so you’re not tempted by convenience food and cafes. Swap the takeaway menus for batch cooked dinners giving healthy home-prepared options on those evenings you just can’t face cooking. Keep an honest food diary, as accountability can help you make the right choice when you’re teetering on the edge of a packet of Hobnobs. Be human, we all are, but balance enjoying yourself with a healthy lifestyle and sensible attitude to eating.