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Nutritional therapy from the client’s perspective – Part 1

Part 1 – Why 75 minutes for an initial consultation?

As Polly’s admin assistant I am often reading nutritionist’s blogs and articles as one way of finding interesting material to link to on our Facebook page. I love articles that explain how a particular nutrient or food group can impact our bodies and in turn our moods etc.

I felt I would be in safe ‘nutritional’ hands, with the knowledge that Lissa is fully qualified and is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. I think there is quite a bit of confusion over titles and qualifications in the nutritional world, so just to clarify, Lissa did a 3 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is registered the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Hence why I felt in in safe hands!

I enthusiastically and very honestly filled in my three-day food diary that was emailed to me prior to the appointment. I was intrigued why we’d need 75 minutes for the initial consultation but as we got into the appointment I could easily understand the length of time required. Lissa had a lot of questions to cover in order to get a real in-depth overview of my life! Including medical history, lifestyle, current food choices (which is when the food diary came in handy) and current stresses to name but a few of the topics covered. Whilst the prospect of 75 minutes of questioning may sound intrusive Lissa has a very professional yet friendly approach to the info gathering. All questions are fully explained so I actually found it really interesting. Plus talking to somebody else about one’s life does lead to inevitable reflection. The consultation takes place in a completely private room so I felt totally at ease.

I was particularly struck by how much the questions focused not just on food intake and exercise but also an overall picture of ‘me’ – in terms of how much time I spend nurturing myself, possible causes of stress in my life. Time available to relax and that sort of thing (at which point the need for 75 minutes made perfect sense!).

An aspect I found particularly practical were questions around how much time I actually had for food prep. Since becoming a mum I make most of our food from scratch but had I seen Lissa when I was working full time I would have been asking for some solutions that involved some ready prepared food, so I was pleased that was covered and that clients can realistically state what they can spare in terms of time and money. Lissa mentioned that she can help clients figure out the best options to choose at their preferred food outlets if that is what works for them e.g. which Pret salad to go for if that is their closest and favourite place to get lunch (which of course as a stay at home mum sounds like the height of luxury!).

So overall the first part of the process had actually been very enjoyable, quite insightful and it had already got me thinking about the choices I was making (sometimes unconsciously) about what to eat and my overall lifestyle.  I was very much looking forward to receiving my bespoke nutritional plan which Lissa would send within 7 days (see part 2 of our Nutritional Therapy blog coming soon!).

Plus talking about myself for 75 minutes was a definite chunk of ‘me’ time I hadn’t achieved in a while. Result!

Find out more on Lissa’s website: https://www.nutrileader.co.uk