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Nutritional therapy from the client’s perspective – Part 2

The Nutrition Plan!

I had an initial nutritional therapy consultation with Lissa over the summer and within a week (it was actually just a matter of days) an email pinged into my inbox with a Nutrition Plan, a covering letter, some recipes and a guide to portions. So basically, an email of exciting goodies!!

Considering it’s taken me a good few months to write this blog up – getting the Nutrition Plan so promptly was wonderful, especially as all of the things Lissa and I had been discussing in the consultation were still fresh in my mind.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as I feel it may ‘spoil the surprise’ so to speak for when new clients receive their own plans. Plus, as it is so personalised I imagine each client’s will be very different.  In a nutshell though, the plan was jammed full of some great ideas to help achieve the key areas of concern I’d discussed with Lissa in my consultation. There were some really handy general tips not just about food choices but also lifestyle suggestions where clear research had been done and consideration put into my current situation. For example, a recommendation for doing some yoga classes was made even more helpful by some links to yoga studios local to me!

In terms of the actual nutritional advice a number of food swaps, ingredients to start including in my diet and supplement recommendations were all fully explained and linked back to what I, personally had said I wanted to focus on. Ideas for healthy snacks were really helpful as that’s something I struggle with (what a shame that tea and biscuits doesn’t really help your energy levels…). I also loved being a recommended a recipe book (which I’ve since purchased and used a lot) specifically focused on cooking quick, healthy lunches that aren’t SANDWICHES!!

I made many of the suggested changes straight away and I felt a difference within a few weeks of implementing some of them. I’m a bit old fashioned and like notes, books etc in paper so I printed them all out when the email came through (once I’d put in a password to access them which I found reassuring considering the personal nature of the content) and the copies are now a tad tattered from being constantly referred to and re-read. Plus, I stuck the portion guide up in our kitchen determined to cut down a bit which has been a handy reminder at dishing up time.

So overall, I think I was right to get excited about the arrival of the Nutrition Plan email when it arrived. That email contained many personalised suggestions that have helped me make much better decisions about nutrition and lifestyle choices. I’m yet to put into action all of the recommendations (though I am determined to get there in the end) so who knows how good I’ll be feeling if (once) I do manage all of them!!

Find out more on Lissa’s website: https://www.nutrileader.co.uk