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Are you getting enough Magnesium?

The average daily magnesium intake for men and women in the UK is below the daily amount recommended by the government.

Magnesium is involved in over 600 reactions in the body so the fact that most of us are probably getting less than we should be is a worry.

We need Magnesium for:

  • Sleep – Magnesium is often nicknamed ‘nature’s tranquiliser’ and is a vital nutrient for healthy, restful sleep.
  • Stress – Magnesium helps you to deal with stress, is calming and supports a balanced mood.
  • Energy – Magnesium is needed for your body to both make and use energy. Feeling tired can be a common sign of low magnesium.
  • Sport & muscle function – Anyone exercising regularly is at increased risk of low magnesium. Muscles need magnesium too; cramps and spasms are common signs of low magnesium.
  • Female hormones – Magnesium is important for all aspects of female health, especially to support monthly hormonal balance.

Some signs that you might be getting enough Magnesium include:

  • Muscle pain/ cramps
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Poor sleep
  • Low mood
  • Head-ache/migrane

If you want to make sure you’re getting enough Magnesium – whilst eating more Magnesium rich food is a great idea (so lots more avocados, spinach, tofu etc) you may want to consider taking a regular supplement as well. We now have Magnesium powder available to purchase in Clinic.

Just ask Polly or Lauren if you’d like to purchase some or for more info.

Source: www.nutriadvanced.co.uk