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Lovely Amelia has graduated!

Amelia, our lovely receptionist, has finally completed her Chiropractic degree!

In this blog she tells us all about her journey of studying chiropractic and what’s to come.


What made you want to study chiropractic?

All my life I had wanted to be a doctor or a healer but there was something about all the pill-
popping so common that didn’t quite sit right with me. I found out about chiropractic during a
careers fair at school. I was fascinated by the hands-on approach of the chiropractors. This was
exactly what I was looking for – these were the people healing with their hands! That day, I
emailed as many chiropractic clinics as I could to do shadowing and I soon found myself
working at a busy chiropractic clinic. A year later, after my first semester at Chiro school, I
realized that I had a special interest in pediatric and pregnancy care and that I wanted to work
within a clinic that was more suited to my interests. This is when I applied for a job here, at
Chiropractic By Hand.

Why LSBU (London South Bank University)?

When I was applying for this degree, there were only four universities in the whole of the UK
where you could study Chiropractic. However, this number is slowly increasing as Chiropractic
gets more popular! LSBU was the only university that was in London. As this is where I grew up,
I wanted to stay close to my family and friends. LSBU in itself is quite new. I am only the second
cohort that is graduating!

Tell us about the course.

For anyone who is looking to study chiropractic, here are the main things you need to know…..
The course is 4 years – 3 years are spent learning all about the human body and the techniques
used in chiropractic, the last year is spent practicing in the student clinic under supervision of
qualified registered chiropractors. The course is tough! You really need to be passionate about
what you do. There will be moments where you will want to give up but it is so worth it!

How has your experience been?

Overall, studying Chiropractic was the best decision I ever made! I made friends for life and got
an amazing career. Although Covid caused some disturbance, the course has been fantastic!

What did you find the most difficult?

Studying imaging was definitely the most difficult part of the degree. You learn normal
radiographic anatomy in 1st year and pathological radiographic anatomy in 2nd year. It’s safe to
say that finding abnormalities on x-rays proved to be extremely difficult, especially on images of
not the best quality!

What did you find the most interesting?

My most favourite part of the degree was my final year. It was such a good, rewarding experience
finally being able to do what I dreamed of – healing patients! My final year has definitely
solidified that this is the career for me. I got to see so many interesting cases and feel so
prepared to just get started without supervision!

So you joined Chiropractic by Hand in your first year of your degree. How did you find
working alongside your studies?

I’m not going to lie, at points, working alongside university was very difficult, particularly during
exam season. Thankfully, Polly is amazing and let me study for my exams at the front desk in
between patients. Having the insight of these amazing Chiropractors by my side also definitely
helped. I felt extremely supported and knew that if I ever needed help or advice for anything,
they would be happy to help. I think it’s the best thing that a student can do, the additional
income also comes in handy, especially in this day and age 🙂

So…. What’s next?

Well, first I’m going to take a nice long break! I will be traveling all around the north and south of
Thailand for all of July. When I come back, I am moving to Rochester, Kent where I will begin
my journey as a qualified, registered Chiropractor in a local clinic. In the future, I would love to
do more courses to specialize in paediatrics and pregnancy as that is truly my passion! And
then… who knows..?

We will miss you lots Amelia and wish you all the best on your next adventures! xx