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Knots, Arnica and M.M.M

Claire King, our Massage Therapist explains what is actually meant by the phrase ‘tight muscles’ and how having a massage can help.


What is M.M.M. I hear you ask?! And tight muscles – what are they? Read on..

Each muscle is made up of muscle fibres that are supposed to flow freely like strings of spaghetti. Sometimes, waste material (excess salts, lactic acid and alcohol) get into the fibres and stick them together – thus forming a ‘knot’. Or technical jargon alert: a fibrous adhesion.
Now, knots are ‘knot’ your friends (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)!!!

For a number of reasons:

  • They stop the surrounding muscles from working properly.
  • They make the surrounding muscles compensate for the ineffective knotty muscle.
  • They limit your flexibility.
  • They limit the supply of oxygen to that area which will prevent repair of muscle tissue.

Doesn’t sound too good does it?

So, when you have a massage and those knots are broken down the waste material is effectively being distributed back into your body. Luckily your body is pretty good at getting rid of this but drinking lots of water helps to flush things through a bit quicker.
Stretching can help with the general flexibility of your body but nothing will break down a knot like the action of a good massage. A massage will help to unstick the muscle fibres and eliminate knots!

Onto my new fave massage product – Neal’s Yard Arnica Salve…

Rub this into weary muscles as part of a massage and feel the benefits of Arnica penetrate into your body. It’s great stuff – I use it a lot on my clients especially on those tight trapezius muscles!

This is safe to use during pregnancy so it’s also great for those who are body weary simply from growing a person!

So, keep those knots at bay people! Hydration is key so keep up with the good water habits. Also, stretching after exercise will help to shift lactic acid build up.
And always live by the rule of M.M.M.

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