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Introducing Jack

Jack is the newest member of CBH. Here he tells us a bit about himself:

What steered you towards chiropractic care as a career?

From a young age I have always been interested in sports and exercise. I was a keen tennis and football player. Growing up I suffered from multiple injuries and chiropractic care was always a must for me. After seeing the benefits, myself I was really keen to go and study it at university.

What is the most common ailment you see in clinic?

The most common ailment is a bit of a tricky one as it entirely depends on the age range. Typically, I see a lot of office/desk-based workers suffering from neck pain and headaches. Also keen gym runners with incorrect form suffering from lower back pain.

What sort of age range is more susceptible to injury?

No one age is more susceptible than another – all age ranges can be at risk dependent on an individual’s lifestyle – from teenagers up to octogenarians, Chiropractic is open to all ages.

Do you carry out adjustments on other parts of body such as arms and legs, or is it just the back?

One of the big misconceptions about chiropractic is that we only treat the spine. Although neck and lower back pain is something we see a lot; we are also very adept in treating upper and lower limb conditions. Although adjustments wouldn’t be my only go to treatment option. I like to implement acupuncture, the Graston technique (a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization) and exercise for limb injuries.

On average, how many treatments would you see a patient for?

Again, this totally depends – but many of my patients who come in with a particular issue I will see for around 6 treatments. The ideal (for the patient) is then for them to come and see us on a regular basis for a bit of ‘maintenance’ to hopefully help stop issues or pain flaring up again. It can help to think of our bodies like our cars- they’re resilient and strong, and can keep going when small dysfunctions occur. Compensations are made elsewhere and we just carry on. We gain and cause imbalances in our bodies and too often we ignore them until it’s too late and we’re unable to walk properly, concentrate on our work, get to sleep without pain- and only at that point do we perhaps think to get help from someone (GP, Chiro, Osteopath..)

But how about this- what if we checked that things were functioning properly BEFORE we got the warning signs, or even at the earliest warning sign? We’d save ourselves pain, time AND money. So, if I’ve helped a patient with some form of discomfort the best-case scenario for them is to have regular follow ups to help to keep them at their best!

Us chiros adjust each other on a weekly basis for good reason!!

Jack is now based at CBH on Monday, Thursday and Friday each week. For an appointment with Jack book online.