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Is Chiropractic for Me?

If you’re wondering whether Chiropractic treatment might be for you, and what you should expect from your first visit to CBH – there’s no need to wonder anymore!  Polly Hand – clinical Director at CBH explains everything you could possibly want to know about your first visit with us, from “what should I wear?”, to “Will it hurt?”.
I’m not sure if a Chiropractor is what I need? 

If you’re unsure whether a Chiropractor at our clinic can help you, all our clinicians offer a FREE mini-consultation to give you a chance to discuss your symptoms or worries and work out if we think we can help you or not. If we think we can help then we would recommend that you book for our full consultation when possible, or we will give advice as to who may be able to help you and may even be able to help you find an appropriate clinician for your condition.

What happens at my first visit? 

In your first visit, we take a full consultation – so a detailed discussion about your symptoms and concerns and the history of your condition along with other medical questions and information we need that will help us work out what is going on and whether you have any contraindications to treatment.

We then carry out a Physical Examination where we do various orthopaedic, functional and neurology tests to determine where the dysfunction is and the mechanism of your injury or problem.

We will then explain what we’ve found and any potential side effects of treatment, then we can often start your treatment in that same appointment to start relieving your symptoms and improving your function. We also give appropriate after care advice for you to follow at home, including exercises.

We then book you for your Report of Findings visit where we discuss your diagnosis in more detail and your proposed care plan to lay out  your road to recovery!

Will the treatment hurt? 

Usually – no! Our Chiropractors here at CBH do love to release those tight muscles so sometimes we really get in there’ ! But only ever within your tolerance and not if you are in lots of pain or have any kind of swelling to start with.

We utilise various different techniques here at CBH and as we see so many pregnant women and babies we are trained in very gentle techniques where needed. The traditional Chiropractic adjustments (the ‘clicking’ you all watch on youtube!) don’t hurt even though they sometimes sound a bit scary! Some people experience soreness after their first couple of treatments but your Chiropractor will always warn you about this and will give advice as to things you can do to ease any discomfort. It’s also a good sign if you feel that soreness as it shows that things are changing!

Will I need to get undressed? 

Here at CBH we don’t tend to ask our patients to undress- sometimes we just need a layer of clothing removed or we may need to lift your t-shirt to feel and observe the skin on your back/ spine for example, but generally, our patients are able to remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. We tend to recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.

Can I bring someone with me? 

Yes! We are more than happy for you to bring a partner or friend if you wish however, due to COVID rules we do ask that this is avoided if not totally necessary, and if you do we will ask your accompanying person to also fill out our COVID screening form.

Will I be treated in a private room? 

YES! Whilst some Chiropractors operate an ‘open plan/door clinic’ we run a closed door clinic at CBH , meaning that you will have total privacy during your sessions and will just be you and your clinician. Occasionally we have students observing our clinicians but we ask every patient for their consent beforehand and if you are not happy for them to be in the room we will always respect your wishes.

Will I have to sign up for several sessions or a treatment plan? 

NO! Your Chiropractor will always explain your recommended care plan in accordance with your recovery goals. We always take into account in the plan what is the quickest way to get you better. You have NO obligation to ‘sign up’ for anything.

Whatever your Chiropractor recommends as your care plan is purely their recommendation based on your condition, their experience and evidence-based practice. We do offer payment plan options if people do want to pay upfront for 6 or 12 sessions (if recommended) but these are simply an option for those patients who wish to commence a course of care and save some money. There is never any obligation here at CBH and you always have options!

Will I need to have X-rays? 

Not necessarily. We don’t have X-ray facilities in our clinic, so if we feel that imaging is required we will discuss that with you in your consultation and then either refer you to your GP who may be able to refer you for an NHS referral, or we can refer you to one of the private imaging clinics we use. We will never refer you unnecessarily.

What Chiropractic technique will you use?

At CBH we are trained in various techniques and we use a variety of techniques and modalities depending on the condition and the needs of each patient. We are all trained in traditional Chiropractic methods, as well as SOT, dry needling, taping, soft tissue techniques, Thompson technique and cranial techniques.

What if the treatment doesn’t seem to help? 

If we feel you are not responding how we might expect despite following our advice and care plan we will discuss your options and help you find something else that might help, or refer you for further tests or imaging as we feel necessary.

What are the costs? 

At CBH our initial consultation is £85 and our follow up sessions are £55. We also offer care plan packages at £300 for 6 sessions and £576 for 12 sessions.

How do I know it’s safe? 

Chiropractors are regulated healthcare professionals- here at CBH we are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council, and we all do very much more than required with our CPD requirements each year- meaning we are constantly learning, and keeping on top of the latest research and evidence. We always carry out a thorough consultation and medical history to ensure we know of any potential contraindications to treatment.

To book a consultation with one of our chiropractors, give us a call on 07847 202 365 or book a consultation here.

If you’d like to speak to a chiropractor first before a consultation, please call 07847 202 365 also.