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Don’t let a sore back or neck spoil your festival fun

Whether you’re getting ready to party at Glastonbury or off to a smaller family focused festival this summer, make sure a sore back or neck doesn’t spoil the fun!

Have a read of our top tips on looking after your back this festival season:


  • If you can, spread out the load you have to take (even if you are just going for the day) over two bags instead of one. Two or more lighter bags will allow you to distribute the weight more evenly.
  • A rucksack with wide straps will distribute the load more evenly over your back and, if it has chest straps, this further helps to even out the load. Cross body bags are a good alternative or second bag option.

Standing (or dancing!!) all day and night

  • You’ll probably be on your feet A LOT so wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing. When standing watching your favourite band try to remember to stand with your feet shoulder width apart to support your back and hips.

Keep drinking (water that is!)

  • Drinking alcohol will cause dehydration which, in turn, can aggravate muscle pain. Make sure you keep topped up therefore with plenty of water and juice.

Camping out

  • 60% of Brits believe that lifting and carrying is the most likely cause of their back pain, so take care when loading and unloading any camping gear if you are staying over.
  • Protect your back if you are camping by taking along a quality approved camping mat or air mattress. Try to also take a pillow, if you are used to having one. Plus remember to remove any pebbles or sticks that could dig into you before you set up your tent!

Have  a great time!!

Source: https://chiropractic-uk.co.uk