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Feeding time posture tips

Breast or bottle feeding your baby could lead to upper back pain, shoulder and/or neck discomfort.

To mark National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, here are some top posture tips from the BCA for when you’re feeding:

1.    Are you sitting comfortably?
Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing breast milk, or a combination of these, the first few weeks and months will involve a lot of time sitting or laying down to feed your baby. Think about keeping your spine tall to avoid slouching, use cushions to support your back, relax your shoulders, and keep drinks and snacks nearby.
2.    Is baby cuddled in close?
The closer your baby is to you, the easier and more comfortable they will be to hold for longer periods of time. Keep your centres of gravity close together. Feeding time can also be a great time to continue skin to skin, which helps both of you to relax and bond.
3.    Have you swapped sides?
Not only will swapping sides give your arms and shoulders a bit of a rest, it is also a way for baby to learn to feed in slightly different positions.
4.    Is baby’s head free to tip back?
Especially for breastfed babies it is important that they are able to tip their head back, as this allows them to open their mouth wide and get a good latch. Talk to your midwife, lactation consultant or local breastfeeding group if you would like more support with positioning and attaching your baby.

Source: BCA website

If you have been experiencing any discomfort during or after feeding and would like to talk to one of the team, why not book in for a free posture assessment.