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Polly is easing into 2018 gently and with self kindness

So as I sit here in the first week of January reflecting on the past year and particularly the past few weeks, I feel guilty that it’s already the 3rd and I haven’t rushed back to the gym and I just had some chocolate with my mid-morning coffee. Not a good start Hand! But do you know what? I’m not beating myself up about it. Yes I did overindulge throughout December, and yes I did stop exercising- and no I don’t really have a good excuse for these bad behaviours- other than I wanted to!

December is one of our busiest months in clinic- you may have noticed we are always open between Christmas and New Year because the demand is high. So (at risk of sounding like we need to get out the violins) I don’t actually have much of a break. And I’m fine with that- it’s my choice and my business and I actually genuinely do love my job. But I guess to get me through a busy and tricky time of the year I just do what I can to keep going. And if that means on a morning off staying in bed late instead of going to the gym then so be it. Routines dropped and indulgences increased. For 1 month of the year that’s ok. But I must say I’m now paying for it- I’ve noticeably gained weight, and I have some back pain. I can tell that my body is in an inflammatory state due to the increased amounts of alcohol and sugar I’ve consumed, and because I’ve been perhaps a little more sedentary than usual.

But like I say- I haven’t yet rushed back to the gym. Why not? Because my body doesn’t feel ready to. I’ve got some aches and pains and I can tell that I’m not at an optimum functioning state- so why would I go and stress my body at this point?

I’m waiting until I see Nicole (my wonderful Chiropractic associate) for my adjustment in a couple of days. Once she has assessed me and adjusted me accordingly I know I’ll feel more ready to ease back in to the gym- and ease being the key word here. It’s been about six weeks since I exercised properly so there’s no way I can expect my body to reach those goals I was hitting 6 weeks ago.

I also find that once I’m exercising regularly again I feel less inclined to put rubbish food in to my body. I have already started back on the semi- healthy eating mission – I’ve just got a few leftover Xmas choccies that need getting rid of!

To me this first week of January is for starting the re-set, changing my mind set and easing myself in to the year gently and with kindness to myself.

I’ve been setting goals for the year (I don’t do resolutions!) for both my business, and my personal life – and those goals include physical and health goals. And it’s not all about exercise and targets- it’s just as much about self-care and listening to my body when I need to. Something I think many of us aren’t too good at. We wait until our body is screaming for help- giving us pain and symptoms.

So if I can encourage you to do one thing this week/ month / year- LISTEN….listen to your body. Look for those signs of stress, dysfunction and fatigue- and do something about it. And most of all- don’t beat yourself up. Missing a gym session occasionally because your body doesn’t feel able will actually be much better for you than pushing your body to extremes and causing injury.

Come along and get a checkup if you’ve not been in for a while (or even if you have but you suspect Christmas fun took its toll on you!). 

You know where we are! Book online or give us a call. 

(and feel free to nag me back to the gym as of next week!!)