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8 DIY Pain Relief Tips

We are here to help you in the clinic 5 days a week, but if you’re on holiday, or you’re in-between visits, there are still ways in which you can help yourself from your own home.  Our Chiropractors have put together a list of DIY help:

1.  Hot water bottle or a frozen pack of peas in the injured area.
This can be an effective way to bring down any inflammation (pain) of an injured muscle.
2.  Stretches
Do what feels naturally right, there are plenty to choose from on YouTube, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our Instagram page where we post lovely stretches each week!
3. Salt baths
Epsom salts break down into magnesium in water.  When you soak in these bath salts the magnesium gets into your body through your skin.  But just soaking in warm water can help to relax muscles and loosen stiff joints.
4. Anti Inflammatory
The obvious such as ibuprofen can help short term, but don’t forget about the wonders of the natural world!  Turmeric is a fantastic way to bring down inflammation, and taken in supplement form with black pepper helps the turmeric to absorb better.
5. Exercise
Make sure you get up and about if you can.  A bad back doesn’t like being sedentary, the more movement you can do, the better, even if you can manage a 10-minute walk that will aid in your recovery.
6. Stress Management
Don’t forget that looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body – meditation and deep breathing can help to focus the mind & eliminate stress from your body.
7. Foam Rolling
Get yourself a foam roller – a brilliant piece of kit, it’s a self myofascial release that can help to release muscle tightness, soreness & inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion.
8. Hydration
And finally, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water!  Our body can only function at an optimum level when we are sufficiently hydrated, and it doesn’t have to be just water, herbal teas will do just as well.
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