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Back in the exercise game

I did it….Monday (8th) came and I. Got. Back. On. It!! Well ok, not full blown back on it, less ‘got back on that horse’, more ‘had a donkey ride at Weston’….but it’s a step in the right direction. Monday morning has always been my most vital time for exercise. I don’t start in clinic until the PM so it’s always my time to blow off the weekend cobwebs, write down my intentions / to do lists for the week and get my exercise off to a good start. I find that if I don’t exercise on a Monday, I pretty much write off the rest of the week!

So a good week in to the new year, I decided to put on my new Christmas pressie gym gear, found some good tracks on spotify, and I stepped out in to the cold and took myself for a walk/ run/ jog. I just did what I could. I most definitely didn’t run the whole time, but I just did what felt right. I ended up doing 5km altogether which I was pleased with as a start. The depressing thing is that just 2 months ago I could definitely RUN a whole 5km, but hey ho-that’s what I get for taking time off.

I felt really good for doing it. The rest of my morning was crazy productive- I even made a start on a couple of projects that have been on my mind for quite some time. I then also felt full of energy for my busy shift at work and was still firing on all cylinders when I finished at 9pm. So that’s it- I’m sold. Back in the exercise game. This morning I decided to take the train to work instead of drive, because it makes me walk a lot more -it’s just little changes like this I plan to make over the next couple of weeks.

I also got adjusted on Thursday which felt amazing! I aim to keep up my weekly adjustments now to keep my body strong and capable for getting back to exercise.

I have also decided that this year will be the year I get back in to running again. So…you heard it here first…this year I’m going to enter a 10km race, and maybe even a HALF MARATHON!  So….you guys can hold me to it. When you come in for care to help you through your events, ask me, and remind me what I have pledged! Hold me to it!!! And if any of you have any events you think I would enjoy/ should take part in/ join you for – then let me know. And definitely let me know if you are involved with any local charities that could benefit from my partaking in an event or two.

See you at your next appointment!