CBH Videos

In alphabetical order here are links to exercise/posture advice videos made by our team of chiropractors:

Abdominal Breathing
Polly shows us how to breathe from the abdomen – it’s a great way to help lower your stress levels, reduce your blood pressure, and regulate other important bodily processes.

Bird Dog Exercise
Jack demonstrates a bodyweight floor exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles, lower back, thighs and bum!

Brugger Break Exercise
For those of you who are desk bound, Lauren shows us a great way to become aware of our posture & correct it.

Calf Stretch
Polly demonstrates a simple but really love calf stretch, helping both pregnant ladies, and the rest of us too!

Cat Camel/Cow
A lovely mobilisation for the whole spine and pelvis .

Cat-Cow Exercise
A great exercise for the whole spine & pelvic mobility, and a lovely stretch between your shoulder blades.

Child Pose Exercise
Polly demonstrates a lovely stretch for all (pregnant, or not!).

Dead Bug Exercise
Perfect for core stability & for strengthening the lower spine.

Forward Leaning Inversion Exercise
If you’re presenting with a breach pregnancy check out Polly demonstrating the forward leaning inversion (and also check out her flexibility skills!).

Glute Activator Exercise
A lot of the time our glute muscles are neglected, but strong glutes are so important in the health of our back. Here Brodie demonstrates how to fire those glutes up!

Heel Raise Exercise
Great for ankles & stiff calves – it feels great!

Horizontal Shoulder Abductors Exercise
Here Lauren demonstrates a great exercise, using resistance bands, which can help to straighten those rounded shoulders, often found in desk workers

Knee to Chest Stretch
Almost everyone has a stiff back now & again, this exercise is perfect for first thing in the morning to really stretch out the lower back.

Massage Machine (How to use yours at home)
A How-To Guide to using your Dr Graeme massage machine for all aches , pains, tight muscles and after exercise.

Monster Walk Exercise
Lauren shows us how to really get those glutes and hips toned & strengthened!

Open Book Exercise
When you get up in the morning do you feel tightness in your upper back? If so, check out Lauren demonstrating a lovely stretch to help release tension in that area.

Pec Stretch 
A great way to manage a tight chest – especially if you’re hunched over a desk all day!

Piriformis Stretch
Lauren demonstrates how to release tension around the glutes and sacrum, simple – yet extremely effective, and such a great feeling!

Pregnancy sleeping position – BBHugMe pillow
How to use a pregnancy pillow correctly to ensure the optimal position for sleeping whilst pregnant

QL (Quadratus Lumborum) Muscle Stretch
Brodie demonstrates how to loosen up the quadratus lumborum muscles (lower back).

Safe Sit Up
Brodie demonstrates the safest way to carry out a sit up, gaining a strong core, but with no damage to the neck or back.

Spinal Twist Exercise
A great stretch for a tight lower, and mid spine – perfect in the morning & before bed.

Sub Occipital Release
Useful if you suffer from tension headaches.

Theraband Ankle Stretch
Weak ankles? Try out this strengthening exercise.

TheraBand Stretch Exercise
Brodie shows us one of her favourite ways to really open up, & give a great stretch across the chest, using a TheraBand (resistance band.).

Thoracic Spine Foam Roll
Get yourself a foam roller – it can really do wonders for your back & neck, and these simple exercises take no time at all!

Trapezius Stretches
Stiff, achy neck? Here Jack demonstrates a couple of simple exercises to stretch out those trapezius muscles.

Wall Angel Exercise
Here Brodie demonstrates the Wall Angel which is a simple but effective exercise to stretch out the thoracic spine. If you’re working from home & hunched over a computer all day, give this a go a couple of times a day!

Winding Tips for Babies
Some nice gentle movements you can do to help baby’s digestive system.