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Paediatric care case study: Baby Dorothy

Chiropractic By Hand has a busy paediatric patient base. We appreciate how stressful and scary it can be for parents bringing their loved little ones in for chiropractic care.

We caught up with the mother of one of Polly’s paediatric patients (the lovely Dorothy) to find out about her personal experience of paediatric care at Chiropractic By Hand:

Why did you initially bring Dorothy in to see Polly?

I had several mum friends who all raved about taking their babies to see Polly so we were keen to take Dorothy too. Our first appointment was when she was three months old.

Dorothy had been referred to physiotherapy as her head was a strange shape. As it was during lockdown the appointments had been via zoom and no one had seen her face to face.  As soon as Polly started examining Dorothy, she noticed her head and asked me about it. I made another appointment for later in the week and Polly told me she had done some research and was concerned that Dorothy may have craniosynostosis. Craniosynostosis is a condition where the plates in a baby’s head have prematurely fused together, usually at birth. I was very concerned but Polly very quickly jumped into action and by the next morning had written an email which was sent to the GP the next day. Thanks to Polly’s quick diagnosis Dorothy was seen by a Paediatrician the next week and referred to Great Ormond Street hospital.

Can you talk us through how Polly went about diagnosing Dorothy and how you felt?

I was obviously very anxious when Polly shared her concerns with me about Dorothy’s head. My husband and I had never heard about the condition and had no idea what to expect. Polly was very calm and straightforward and acted very quickly, writing to our GP within 24 hours of seeing Dorothy. She explained the condition to me very clearly which was really helpful.

What then happened after Dorothy’s diagnosis?

As soon as Polly had diagnosed Dorothy’s condition things moved very quickly and she was seen by a Paediatrician the next week. Her surgery happened at Great Ormond Street when she was five months old. If this hadn’t been picked up so quickly Dorothy may have required further surgery and the condition may have led to developmental issues.

How is she recovering now after her operation?

Dorothy has recovered really well from her operation. I was amazed at how resilient babies are! She had to spend a few days in the hospital afterwards to recover from the surgery and has a large scar across her head which has healed really well. The surgeon inserted springs into her head which are pushing the plates apart and her head has changed shape so much already. In a couple of months’ time the springs will be removed and she should not require any more surgery.

We are so grateful to Polly for her quick diagnosis. Dorothy is now a happy and healthy baby who is developing normally and enjoying life!

At Chiropractic By Hand as Primary Care Practitioners, and registered chiropractors it is our duty to only work within our remit and to ensure that we recognise when a patient requires a referral to another medical practitioner, or co-management. We have a Patient Referral Procedure in place for this reason. If we feel a patient should return to their GP, we will communicate this with the patient (or patient’s parent) and ensure that we have obtained their consent to do so.

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