Tamara Williamson


Hi lovely people,

My name is Tamara, and I am the virtual assistant for CBH. I started working at CBH last year October as the receptionist and migrated to a remote role due to me moving cities (I love you London).

There are so many enjoyable parts about working at Chiropractic By Hand, but I must say my absolute favourite is meeting and talking to every single patient that comes through the doors. Super cheesy and cliché, but I genuinely enjoy connecting with old faces and new. For me, there is nothing better than having a nice chit chat with whoever comes in and helping when needed.

Another fave of mine; is the team. I always feel like I struck lucky when I got this role because everyone from the chiropractors to the reception team are amazing. Having such an awesome team and lovely patients truly make coming to work the best. I am so grateful I got to experience such awesomeness here in Balham and will really miss physically being around everyone every day.

When I am not at work you can catch me lazing around, watching re-reruns of my favourite shows (Queen of the South and Rick and Morty) on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu – basically every streaming platform and focusing on my own ventures.