Sharon Samaniego


Morning Everyone!!

My name is Sharon Samaniego I am currently 20 years old and I come from a Hispanic background.

I joined this fantastic team on the 24/10/2019.

I’d say my most favourite part of working at CBH is the amazing people I get to meet each day, we all have a story and the fact that many share it with me at reception always brightens up my day. Honestly working here has made me build a family outside of home.

My main reason to why I do not have plans of leaving CBH is because I am really inspired by the work ethic that all our chiropractors have, very self-determined and hard working. They are all very caring not just to their patients but also their staff.

I myself aspire to one day become a paramedic and work in the armed force as I’ve always combined myself to work in the health care sector and working here teaches me a lot about how one should treat a patient as well as moral moulding me for the benefit of a patient (learning about person-centred care)

Outside of work my hobbies are dancing (salsa) I love to perform and I’ve being doing it since the age of 6. Spending time with the family as I do not get to see them much and spending time with my puppy, I love training the dog, teaching him new tricks to impress everyone 😉 I managed to get him just before the lockdown happened so he’s been my biggest company.